Ms. Leaela Antia

Wiseinvest has been a GOD send. When I needed help for investments with good dividends at a time when it was imperative, they came from out of the blue and created a miracle in 2012. Since then, the team has managed my Mutual Fund portfolio with exemplary understanding and wisdom. I would recommend Wiseinvest to anyone who needs advice. I wish to thank all who have worked so hard for me with dedication, going beyond the call of duty. The team genuinely has one’s best interest at heart. May all success be with Wiseinvest in their endeavors.
All the best.

Mr. Bhavya Mehta

I have been investing through Wiseinvest since 2010 and would rate going to wise invest as the best investment decision in my life. Really appreciate their in-depth analysis & expertise, prompt service, Goal-oriented investment planning and the investment regularly monitored by Mr. Hemant himself.

Ms. Pallavi

In the last 12 years I have been extremely fortunate to have met up and signed up with Team Wiseinvest for my mutual fund investments. They are very good people – completely honest and upfront about what they do and why they do it. Being a novice investor, they have patiently explained to me and guided me on why I should invest in a particular fund and not another.

They take the initiative and call for review meetings, invariably before I do! We now share a relationship that is based on mutual trust and a high comfort level. Team Wiseinvest is thoroughly professional, efficient, and have a complete understanding of the world of mutual funds. Nothing is too much trouble and they take “service with a smile” to another level altogether! I trust Team Wiseinvest completely and have also recommended them to a number of my friends!


It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to be sharing of my experiences with WiseInvest.

I have been associated with WiseInvest for the past 13 years. During this period I can with all sincerity and honestly say that my experience with the services provided by WiseInvest has been truly fruitful and rewarding. The team at WiseInvest has always ensured that there was total transparency in all their dealings. They never pushed to sell any investment product but ensured that I was well informed to make the correct decisions regarding my investments. Their advice and guidance has always been prompt and well researched.

My earnest wish and prayer for the management and staff of WiseInvest is echoed in the words of Paul J. Meyer –

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and honestly act upon must inevitably come to pass. So go for it.”
Best of luck.


“I have been taking Mutual Fund investment advice from Wiseinvestadvisor’s for the past 15 years.

I have found their advice very helpful and I am glad to state that I have been able to increase my MF assets considerably over the years beating the index at all times.

Mr.Rustagi has taken a personal interest in my investments and spent time discussing my needs and views. I am highly impressed with their record keeping, and the information available from their web site.

I highly recommend Wiseinvest for MF advice and investments and wish Wiseinvest and Mr.HemantRustagi success in every future endeavor.”


“My family and I have been associated with Wiseinvest for more than 10-12 years now. It started with my father investing in a few mutual funds back in 2005-06. The association has just grown from then on. Wiseinvest has made managing my family’s Mutual funds portfolio very easy and stress-free. The team at Wiseinvest have a great prompt service and sound investing knowledge. They do provide constructive feedback to the questions raised and support our decision making in investments. The team has been very helpful and approachable. We are very happy with Wiseinvest and would continue to invest with them”.


As an individual, at the ripe age of 90, I look for reliability, market information and guidance for selection/switch of investment at the right time. These mix of inputs/ingredients are all available from you and your trained team.

Your detailed annual report gives me the in-depth details which even highly placed private banks are not able to provide.

Keep up the good work so, senior-most citizens like me can all rely on such trained CREDIBLE team and bank on the growth of investments.
Best regards,


My entire family has been investing through Wiseinvest for the last 15 years or so. When we started investing, we knew nothing about mutual funds and what they could do to our investments. The team at Wiseinvest under the guidance of Mr.Hemant Rustagi has been providing quality investment and excellent service which has not only helped us in understanding the nuances of investing in mutual funds but also made our money grow at a healthy rate. Besides, at the end of the financial year, we get all the details about our investments but also made our money grow at a healthy rate. Besides, at the end of the financial year, we get all details about our investments which is a great help in filing Income Tax returns as well as record keeping. My Portfolio APP is a smart initiative by Wiseinvest. Overall, it has been a great experience dealing with them.


I have been interacting with Wiseinvest for more than a decade. I found their advisory services prompt, profitable and suited to individual financial goals. The e- investment platform provided by Wiseinvest in terms of Mobile App, various Portfolio Reports and buying & selling Mutual Funds are informative, easy to use and time efficient. Other than the meticulous financial plan, what I like is the information that is regularly sent our way so that we remain up-to-date about the developments in the financial realm.

I have no hesitation in recommending Wiseinvest Advisor’s services with complete trust and I look forward to a continued relationship with them.


I have been associated with Wiseinvest for the past 7-8 years. Currently, I invest through 3 Wealth advisors , but I would rank Wiseinvest the best amoung all of them. They are quick, give advice suitable to the client without any intention of earning a high commission. Their MIS and year-end reports are par excellent. Their advisors are available on short notice and their response in solving problems is very quick.


I would like to tell you that the services I have received from the WiseInvest team have been by far excellent.

I have been dealing with Wiseinvest since the past 8 years and the team have helped me immensely to expand my portfolio and my dividends. They also successfully helped me in beating some financial challenges. The Financial statement sent by you also makes it very easy for me to file my tax returns.

Because of such brilliant service and advice, I have included my daughter’s portfolios into your fold.

I hope to receive the same level of service and excellence in the future.


Experienced a positive response, though work was done professionally, the personal involvement is noteworthy.

The prompt and appropriate response.

Thanks a lot.


Despite the volatility in the capital market, Wiseinvest has been guiding us in our investments to maximize our yields.

Statements like Long Term / Short Term capital gains/loss issued in a timely manner by Wiseinvest have been very helpful in filing our Income Tax Returns.

On-line portfolio statements on their website are very useful in tracking and monitoring our investments.

My family members and I are satisfied with the prompt, systematic and efficient services offered by Wiseinvest.


My association with Wiseinvest Pvt. Ltd.Is since December 2006. Initially, I started investing my mother’s money in mutual fund schemes as per their suggestion and thereafter myself and my wife also started investing in different schemes of a mutual fund. Safety and appreciation of the investment made by clients is the main objective of the company, which I appreciate very much.

Every month Portfolio Valuation Statement is sent regularly to me. This gives an overall picture of my investment. In the first week of April every year, Wiseinvest send me a file which contains mutual fund account statements, list of dividend received, short/long term capital gain statement, etc. for the last financial year. This information helps me while filing my income tax return.

Recently, Company has introduced a mobile app called “ My Portfolio APP”. All the details of investments made by me are available at my fingertips.

I wish all the very best to Wiseinvest PVt. Ltd. And their customers.


My best wishes to the full team under MrRustagi for continued success in your mission.

Ever since I was introduced to Wiseinvest almost a decade earlier it has been a satisfying journey of trust, sound advises, complete transparency and outstanding service. As an individual who had burnt his fingers in the previous years prior to reaching out to Wiseinvest, I could not have to ask for more. My early start with them was with caution, which slowly transformed into a dependable supportive relationship. Their hand-holding and support whether it was to learn about the markets or invest my hard earned money or to exit when I needed the cash has been exemplary.

My sincere wishes that Wiseinvest may grow in strength and provide advise and support to a larger audience year after year.
With pranams


We were first introduced to Wiseinvest in the year 2008. Since then, we have been regularly investing in Mutual Funds through them. Wiseinvest is a team of professionals who provide expert advice and guidance to meet our financial goals.

We really appreciate them managing our portfolio, which can be accessed anytime online. Also, we are regularly updated with the portfolio valuation report, which shows us the exact picture of how our funds are doing. We have no hesitation to recommend Wiseinvest as Financial Advisors.

Ms. Audrey & Mr. Erasmo Alvares


I came in contact with Wiseinvest about 7 years back & started investing in MFs through them.

I choose to invest thru Wiseinvest because of 1. Always thought to invest MF through a Professional Co rather than an individual. 2. EXCELLENT Service.3. PROFESSIONALLY managed.4. RIGHT ADVISE from all the Relationship Managers.5. Easily Approachable including their CEO.6. Always talk about the long term, lump sum or SIP investments depending on the age of the investor or the long term goals of the investor.

Will continue investing through them ALWAYS.


I have been associated with Wiseinvest from 2008

My experience has been excellent in terms of communication, services, resolution of queries, support

In terms of services – its always been prompt. Any queries raised or information required by me has been provided in a couple of hours

I have been receiving monthly updates over email followed by a call from your side which has been very useful. The monthly updates provided has a complete overview of the portfolio. You have been providing useful insights whenever I have raised a query on the performance of any mutual funds

Redemption has always been quick which has been a big plus in times of urgency

Its really been a pleasure to be associated with Wiseinvest, right from the updates on mutual funds to remembering the clients birthday!! ( i have been receiving flowers each year)

Looking forward to many more years of association



Wiseinvest is a great choice for making investments. The first time experience investing in mutual funds can be very confusing but Wiseinvest explained everything in detail and it also ensured that my funds are in the right place. Now, I don’t have to worry about investing in multiple places but am at ease that this company provides us with the right advice for the right investments.


I have an association with Wiseinvest since 2005. They have been my investment advisors and I regularly receive advice on my investments. By monthly portfolio valuation statement, I am updated about my investments. Whenever any investment to be made they give me correct advice which helps to grow my portfolios. They submit a yearly valuation statement of portfolios which is of great help for filing Income Tax returns. They have recently introduced “Wiseinvest My Portfolio APP” which is easy to operate in day to day use. Their services are best for any time.


I have been dealing with Wiseinvest for the last 5 years. I rely only on them for investing in Mutual Funds because I get advice suitable to my needs. I am very happy with the returns on my Mutual Fund portfolio. Wiseinvest provides excellent service and always been up-to-date on my investments.


One more financial year over. Looking back, I realize the important role Wiseinvest has played in not only helping me invest safely but also wisely. My investments have given me very good returns and I confidently tell my friends to seek advise from Wiseinvest for all their investments.


I have been investing in Mutual Funds through Wiseinvest for the last 15 years. I am extremely happy with their advice and services which has helped me and my relatives.
Wishing Wiseinvest All the Best |||


Just a quick thanks to Wiseinvest for the excellent advice and service rendered for creating my personal financial portfolio just after my retirement along with my family members.

I have been using their services for the last three years and now I will not hesitate to recommend them to others to take any help regarding all financial matters.

Thanks to Wiseinvest Team for an excellent local service.


I am extremely happy with the service and advice are given by Wiseinvest for the last 8-9 years.

I appreciate the efforts of the entire team for the same.


Good advisors and reliable persons to deal with. The entire staff is very co-operative.