Investment Advisory

Investment Adviser Department

Wiseinvest Advisors is a SEBI registered Investment Adviser (Registration No.INA000000664).

To maintain an arm’s length distance between our Advisory and Execution services, we have set up a separate department named Investment Adviser Department (IAD).

IAD helps its clients in achieving their goals by providing comprehensive fee based financial planning and making recommendations of financial products that suit their requirement the most. Its mission is to help clients overcome uncertainty, take control of their finances and move confidently towards achieving their goals. The basis of fee calculation is the complexity of the engagement.

Remember, financial planning doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. We have the expertise to make it a simple and fruitful process for you.

Do you need a financial plan?

All individuals and families, regardless of age or income, need a financial plan so that they know whether they are saving enough for retirement, children’s education or a new home or not. A financial plan gives you the discipline necessary to save money and keep your investments on track. A qualified and experienced financial planner can help you plan your investments so that you get the best returns for your risk level by dividing your investments into the different asset classes as well as investment options.

At the start of your career, a financial plan can bring in disciplined approach to your investment process. Besides, by starting your investment process early, you can benefit a great deal from “power of compounding”. In other words, even by investing a moderate amount every month, you can achieve your goals without too much of stress. Moreover, a financial planner can also help you in rebalancing your portfolio as you near your retirement age or the term of achieving a pre-defined goal.

Comprehensive financial planning

A comprehensive financial plan is the first step towards securing your financial future. Financial planning is a multi-step process that provides you with an in-depth review of your current financial situation and a blueprint that shows you how to achieve your goals and objectives. We collect information from you on your income, expenses, current savings and investments, current insurance policies, and estate planning documents and use this information to work out a blueprint to fund your future financial needs for different goals such as buying a house, children’s education and marriage, retirement planning or a well-deserved vacation.

By analysing these details, we can help you in ascertaining the kind of returns would be needed to achieve each of your goals and what kind of risk cover would be needed in the form of life and health insurance to protect you and your family. In a comprehensive plan, you also get an analysis of your emergency fund, which is the amount of money you must have in the form of investments that can be en-cashed readily.

Your current investments are also analysed and recommendations are given, to make changes in your investment strategy, if required. Based on your goals and levels of risk tolerance, we help you choose the appropriate investment options like mutual funds, bonds, small savings schemes and cash investments.

Our process :

Step 1 : The first meeting provides an opportunity for you and us to get to know each other. You also get an opportunity to decide whether we have the capability to fulfill all your requirements.

Step 2 : Establish a clear understanding of your goals and objectives as well as analyse your current situation. This helps us determine what you want to achieve with your wealth.

Step 3 : Determine your risk profile through discussion and a psychometric test. This enables us to find out how much risk you would like to and need to take to achieve your goals.

Step 4 : Develop your unique financial plan. This will also include the recommended asset allocation and various investment options that suit your needs. While doing this, we also analyse your current investments. We present a final version of your customized financial plan so that you’re positioned to move forward.

Step 5 : Implement the investment plan. There is no obligation on you to choose Wiseinvest Advisors to implement the recommendations made in the financial plan. However, if you so desire, you can avail services of our Execution department to implement the recommendations.

Step 6 : We’ll meet regularly to proactively address changes in your circumstances, as well as those in the markets, economy and taxes.