Why us?

In an era of constant changes and volatile financial markets, it is important for investors to ensure that investments stay on track through their defined time horizon to achieve their investment goals. Besides, maintaining a balance between the risk and reward is the key to achieve investment success on a consistent basis. While it is great to see investors taking interest in their investment process, “Do It Yourself” (DIT) strategy can expose them to unwarranted risks that can put their financial future at risk.

As professionals, we are committed to use our expertise and understanding of mutual fund products and their utility for different time horizon, different markets and ever-changing economic scenario to ensure the suitability of products chosen by our clients to achieve their investment goals. We encourage our clients to have regular interactions as that helps them to remain in control of their investments at all times.

Providing quality service is our top priority. In keeping with that, we constantly take steps to provide up-to-date information on our clients at all times through “Portfolio Login” on our website. Besides, “My Portfolio App”- a solution custom-built for our clients makes it possible for them to seamlessly view their portfolio, transact and access various reports such as Portfolio Valuation Report, Capital Gains Report, Active SIPs, Transactions for a period, as well as various analysis on funds in the portfolio.

If you are someone who is looking to build a mutual fund portfolio, Wiseinvest can help you build/rebuild it so that you have adequate financial resources at every important stage for you and your family.

Our motto “With You in Meeting Financial Challenges” aptly describes our philosophy and commitment towards our clients.